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In the beginning, there were only a few companies. Now, I have no idea how many there are and have not heard of plenty of them. Vapor4Life was once a very prominent company, up and coming and generating lots of buzz. I think their name is silly, but maybe that is just me. Perhaps that is enough to turn a lot of people off, since I think they have really fallen by the wayside recently. Their product is not bad, but they are not really keeping up with trends in the market and hard to justify as one of the best e cig products on the market right now.

As always, I ordered a starter kit to give a thorough review. They have a few different options. They have different levels of expense and complication, as most all companies do (the exception maybe being Bull Smoke). The best option is to choose the Slim Starter Kit. It has one of their “titan” batteries, two packs of cartridges, a carrying case, and a charger. It costs 50$. The next option is the Standard Starter Kit at 75$, which comes with the same things but two batteries instead of just one. Their Ultimate Starter Kit is a whopping 105$ and comes with two batteries, a portable charging case, a USB passthrough, and th cartridges. I think this is overpriced, but I almost always do.

vapor4life starter kit


One thing that Vapor4Life does have going for them is their vast array of flavors. I didn’t feel the need to try and try out all of them, there are simply too many and i felt some of them were a bit dodgy. They are assuredly creative and novel, but I just went with tobacco instead. Yes, waffle does sound intriguing but I just couldn’t bring myself to try it.

So here is my categorical breakdown:

Battery Life – 10/10

Ah, the Titan battery. It lives up to the name. It works hard, and it produces what you want from it. It is a long lasting battery, and it does not need recharging that often. I was impressed with this battery, nothing negative to say, so it gets a solid 10 points from me. This type of electronic cigarette is known as a mini, and proved to be very popular when e cigs first hit the market.

Accessories – 9/10

I think Vapor for Life somehow became the industry standard for accessories. I am not sure who came up with the Personal Charging Cases, but they have had one for years. However, it only comes with the expensive kits – which is frustrating. In addition, the USB charger should be in all of the kits as well. I don’t think they are expensive to make, so I think it would offer a lot more for the customer if they could add that into every kit.

Flavor – 8/10

As i said, they have loads of flavor choices available. They have weird unique ones like peanut butter chocolate, and i do wonder how much it actually tastes like a reese’s cup…so maybe I will try it one day. So it is nice that they are unique, but every flavor choice in the world means squat if the basics are no good. Tobacco and menthol should always be good. And the tobaccos that I got were pretty darn good. I have had better, and they were not perfect, so they did not merit a score of ten in this case. I would be happy to reorder their Traditional tobacco flavor again, and might even try out some of their other flavors someday.

vapor4life flavors


Vapor – 8/10

Vapor4Life lives up to their name – they give you good vapor. They stand above most of the brands on the market, but they are not quite as amazing as some other ones I have tried. I take two points off because I think they could be a little bit stronger here. Check out our guide in finding the best electronic cigarette for more information.

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