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I am a big fan of V2 cigs. If you have looked around this site, that much should be obvious. I am constantly recommending V2 to my readers on here, and people in real life. Perhaps I recommend them too often to too many people, as I can tell sometimes my friends get really tired of hearing me talk about V2. I bring it up to strangers on the street I see smoking (analog cigarettes or e-cigarettes). I do this because V2 was the e-cig that finally allowed me to kick my nasty habit. For many years, I smoked cigarettes – nearly a pack a day. I tried to quit a few times, but it never stuck. Patches and gums didn’t do it for me, so I tried e-cigarettes. It was a nice replacement because it still had all the aspects of smoking without the hundreds of gross and evil chemicals. But I was still smoking traditional cigarettes from time to time. I finally fully kicked the habit when I tried V2, because they gave me everything I needed. That was nearly 2 years ago, and I haven’t been tempted to buy a pack of cancer sticks since then.

I continue to try new brands because they are something of a hobby for me and ultimately I want to find the best e cig. There are assuredly some really decent ones out there, but nothing can touch the quality of V2 for me. All my talking about V2 did successfully get a few of my friends to make the switch, and I am proud to say that none of them have ever fallen off the wagon and gone back. Some of my friends smoke other brands, but as long as they aren’t mucking up their lungs with tar, I am happy. And I want the same for you too!

One thing I like about V2 is the variety they offer. They have lots of options. Four different colors of batteries in three different power/size options, loads of flavors, and the choice of manual or automatic for the battery. They also have a lot of different kinds of starter kits. My first V2 kit was their beginner’s kit, which is just 35$ and gives you everything you need to get started. If you want to go really big, you can order the Ultimate Starter Kit for 170$. And if you fall somewhere in between, of course there are different levels of pricing and kit size.

This is all well and great, but if the product were shoddy, these options wouldn’t mean a thing. Yet, as I mentioned, V2 has a solid product. They make a long lasting battery that pumps out good clouds of vapor and they taste amazing. In addition, their customer service never leaves anything to be desired. They test their products from top to bottom on a regular basis, and they even offer a lifetime warranty on everything they sell you. Hard to beat that.

And now I get around to the point – my V2 review. I have been ordering refills and such from V2 for a while now, so I thought I should go big and get a starter kit so that I could do a thorough review. And I wanted to go really big, so I ordered the Ultimate Starter Kit. It is so pretty and full of goodies… here it is when I unwrapped it:


V2 Ultimate Starter Kit

Full Review of the Ultimate Starter Kit:

One more thing before I get down to it. One reason I started this site is because I kept encountering sites that were obviously fake sites created by companies to drum up more business by writing fake reviews that praise their products. You can spot these easily enough with the language in the articles, and the recycled pictures of the products that are clearly from a Google image search. It really grinds my gears that people do this. But they are easy enough to spot if you know what you are looking for. And I always order new starter kits to give a proper review, and I care about what I write. I really am passionate about e-cigarettes, and I want you to be, too, so I write serious and honest reviews. But anyway… here is the Ultimate Starter Kit once I opened it up:

V2 Ultimate Starter Kit opened up

Gosh, it is just so lovely to look at. There are some pleasures in life that are weirdly satisfying. For me, those are peeling the plastic off of a new electronic, and opening a new e-cigarette starter kit. They have a certain smell and there is just something about it. I suppose that is my consumerist nature, right? This one looked so jam packed, 5 packs of 5 cartomizers which is basically an atomizer with your eliquid, my batteries, a plethora of accessories (like my different chargers and personal charging kit). But you need not pay for a Ultimate Kit like this one. You can start off slower with a Beginners’ Kit, and it will still have everything you need to start vaping. And you will love it, I promise! No matter what kit you go for, you can use my coupons, here they are again:



In my years of vaping, I have come to think in different categories when trying out a new e-cigarette. I developed this system over the years, and I think it is the best way to evaluate a new e-cig. I break them down into the following categories: Vapor production, battery quality and lfie, accessories, flavor, and customer service. So here is the breakdown for V2.


Batteries: 10/10

A coworker of mine recently told me that he couldn’t fully get off of smoking traditional cigarettes because the batteries would die within a couple weeks. I have no clue what brand he is using, but it obiouvsly stinks. V2’s batteries offer a lifetime warranty, so if they were to die within a couple weeks, you would get new ones. And they don’t die – they go on and on and keep kicking butt. They go for a long time without needing constant charges, and I can easily get a full day of smoking without needing to plug it in. I charge them while I sleep, and they are ready to go in the morning. Which is great if you are constantly on the go. Simply put, I love these batteries.

Vapor Production: 10/10

This is what really struck me when I first started vaping with V2 – the vapor production is strong and serious. The throat hit is so satisfying, and it really exceeds any other e-cig I have tried. That first pull off your freshly opened kit will impress you. This is what was lacking for me when I tried to quit – so many other brands just didn’t give me the right sensation. But V2’s vapor is so good, you won’t want or need any more analog cigarettes.


Accessories: 10/10

Thinking that accessories matter might seem silly to you. I didn’t use to care about those either. But after a couple years of vaping, I have come to love accessories. They make vaping fun, and they help to turn it into a hobby. Some kits I have ordered over the years have really disappointed me in terms of accessories. But V2 has every accessory you could want or think of. Their kits come with a lot of cool ones, and you can order other ones from online if you like them. They are all of a very high quality as well, and they come with that sweet warranty that V2 offers too.

Flavors: 10/10

Another thing that kept me from fully committing to e-cigarettes was the fact that the flavors were often not quite right. Some of them were metallic, some of them were chemically, some of them were just wrong. But V2 has this in the bag. They have a few different tobacco flavors, so you can match the one that you want to the one you are used to. They also have some fun flavors like cherry, vanilla, coffee, and other ones for your sweet tooth. And they all taste great – and they helped me get over my issues with e-cigarettes.


Customer Service: 10/10

Customer service is not limited to talking to representatives on the phone. It means that the company offers all of the products all of the time, and you don’t need to worry about something being out of stock when you order it. It also means fast shipping, and a box that is not full of leaking cartridges. But when I have needed to ring them, I have never spoken with someone who was not friendly and helpful. They also have their amazing lifetime warranty, which shows that they care about keeping their customers and keeping them happy too.

V2 Standard Starter Kit

So there you have it – a perfect review. I don’t give out tens left and right either,  but V2 has earned these ratings in my book by consistently offering an impressive product. In my years of vaping some brands have come close, but no one has ever been able to wow me the way V2 has. They work so hard on their product, and they care a lot about quality. Their constant testing of their products and their warranty alone prove that they stand behind what they make. With such good vapor production, battery life, and flavor, there is nothing out there that can overshadow this e-cigarette giant – for now.

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