Mini Electronic Cigarettes

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Smoking habit all over the world as a whole is on the rise despite of all endeavors across the boundaries to put an effective curb on it through legislation as well as creating health awareness. Still a sizeable section of the young community is getting attracted to it under a range of varied circumstances such as work pressure, peer pressure, style statement and / or random smoking in the living place. This is surely a cause of concern the world over specifically in the face of ever increasing cases of younger people suffering from hypertension, cancer and heart ailments.


What is mini electronic cigarette?

mini-electronic-cigarette-minLet us first explore what the electronic cigarette is all about which will surely help us in realizing the impact of the mini electronic cigarette. An electronic cigarette alias e-cigarette is essentially an electronic gadget or device that has a vaporizer, refill nicotine with flavor and a rechargeable battery. By lighting the electronic cigarette you stand to gain the experience of real life smoking.

Mini electronic cigarette is no demarcation about the size of electronic cigarette in reality; rather it just connotes that the mini cigarettes look more alike the original or regular cigarettes with tobacco and is a refined version of the earlier ones that came into the market initially. Hence a mini electronic cigarette comes in a package of steel case with a top up of vanity that puts you ahead of the rest in the matters of switching to the healthier option with style.


Is the mini cigarette healthier than the regular or original cigarette?

If you ask me from the point of view of a smoker then I would say it is surely the healthier option in comparison with the original cigarettes; but from a non-smoker’s standpoint I would recommend not even to fall in prey of mini electronic cigarettes since it too is hazardous for your health even though the intensity may be much less vis-à-vis the original one.

People particularly at the younger age take refuge to cigarettes as a matter of style statement which in essence is a grossly misplaced vanity alongside others such as the work related pressure, peer pressure or just for experiencing the taste of it. This gradually becomes an addiction and for getting rid of such an addiction cum pernicious habit you really have to work very hard in the matters of self control by way of auto suggestions. At times continuous prayer to the almighty comes as a rescuer for sure here.

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