How to Find The Best E Cigarette

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Before we analyse the best e cigarette on the market it is necessary for us to know what exactly an E Cigarette is. An Electronic cigarette is a battery powered device that stimulates tobacco smoking. Though the efficacy in using E cigs is uncertain the market of electronic cigarettes has boomed and thrived.

A better understanding of the best e cigarette on the market can be understood by taking not just one but many factors into account. The quality of an E cigarette can be judged by its:

  • Flavour
  • Battery
  • Vapour Density
  • Price


Best Electronic Cigarette based on the Battery life:

best-electronic-cigarette-minRechargeable batteries can have a life of a year or more, some hold their charges longer than others and some provide power for longer time. In this confusion how do you choose the find the best E Cigarette on the Market?

The solution given by experts to this problem is that thicker the size of the E Cig more the power hence more the life. Hence better the quality of the E Cigarette.


Different styles in the Market of E Cigarettes

Some of the best E Cigarette brands keep the convectional roll-ups. These come in yellow, white and orange. The other best brands in the Market of Electronic Cigarettes have adopted a more vibrant approach. They have not only made these Electronic Cigarettes colourful but have also added some glam by making the battery as well as the upper portion shiny.

The Market of E Cigs offers its buyers the freedom to mix and match. The two portions screw together. The freedom that helps its user to experiment with new assortments also helps us see which the best electronic cigarette on the market is.


Adding Flavour to the E Cig Market

One demerit of the convectional cigarettes over E Cigarettes is the detestable cloud of toxic fumes that induced coughing and gagging. Overcoming this, the best brands of E cigs on the market claim that the fumes produced are free of toxins.

The more visible indicator of this claim made by the best e cigbrands is the white fume that looks and smells clean. Some of the best electronic cigarettes on the market provide the authentic flavour of tobacco and methanol in combination of newer flavours like chocolate, peppermint, peach etc.


How to find the best brand of e cigarette for you

The best way to find the best brand of e cig in the market is to start with disposable ones. They are same as rechargeable ones. This way you can try many brands and find the best e cigarette on the market.

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