The Electronic Cigarette Atomizer

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Atomizers are used to transform or vaporize the liquid in the electric cigarette’s mouthpiece so it can be inhaled by the smoker. This heating element is called the atomizer. While some electric atomizer models require drip trips, most of the models in this range use cartridges which are sold separately. These cartridges usually last 2 to 4 weeks on average and can be replaced.

E Cig atomizers

The only issue with electric cigarettes by way of expenses will be buying replacements for your atomizer. Most good sellers or companies test their atomizers using eLiquid (PG or 50/50 Blend). On the contrary, VG eLiquids are too thick to produce ideal results. Using them often results in vapor that tastes rather dry or burnt.

Consider a product like the AGA-T3 Rebuildable Atomizer. Many an atomizer in the market is sold without warranty, because they are aimed at experienced users who know how to use these important products, reducing risk of damage and undue replacement requests. This is one such ‘professional’ product which has an approximate tank capacity of 1.8ml.

You can rebuild it according to your personal preferences and incorporate mesh or ceramic wick. The wick hole can be found in the center post with an air hole located on the outer face or casing. The stainless steel make of this atomizer renders it quite durable and relatively easy to clean compared with more complex pieces.

It fits most drip trips that are along the 510 model range. The glass tank needs to be handled with care, though. The base is sealed with rubber o-rings which can be cleaned in an appropriate chemical solution. It doesn’t come pre-equipped with coil. Such atomizers are ideal for quick and efficient vaporization processes.

Electronic cigarette atomizers come in different varieties. There are 510, 801, 901, and 401 atomizers. Design and threading vary too. Those are technical features that beget different vapor types. Some atomizers are known to produce more flavor while others are great at producing more vapor. There are even atomizers that capable of producing a better throat hit; this is suggested for professional smokers and not rookies.

Battery is one more factor to take into consideration when purchasing a new atomizer. It’s pretty simple, a 510 atomizer will gel well with a 510 style battery and so on for the other atomizer types out there. The electronic cigarettes have spaces to be placed in the atomizer. For interchangeable atomizer threading capabilities, be aware that there are only a few e-cig models out there that are compatible.

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